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Revell's USS Voyager with lighting.

I have long been a fan of Star Trek Voyager so i decided i wanted to make the model.

I found revells plastic model kit in a modelling store and decided to refit it with leds.

The model is 54cm in lenth and comes with a decal sheet of over 100 decals to attatch. it does include a paint list and mixing guide.

overall its a nice kit for a beautiful ship. I hope the leds do her justice.

So here you will find photo's and entries of progress with that.

Instruction manual downloads.

Revell Model kit instruction download:

Click me to download.

  Lighting kit instruction download:

Click me to download.


Ok so from the box installed the clear plastic windows and began to slowly cut out the windows that are to be painted.

This is a long process. Once i had several cut out i installed some leds rather basicaly into the various parts to see how she lit up.

 Before windows are cut.

After some windows are cut out.


wide angle view lights on.


Various areas lit up.





 Okay so everything looks alright.

but the little windows arent bright enough, so i need to work out how many are needed.

more photo's will be added as i progress. buying leds on tuesday so by the weekend i should have more to add.


 As you can see, with the initial 3 leds mounted inside the top of the saucer section they give a nice effect with the light shining through onto the hull. one side is slightly brighter than the other because i had one led burn out by my mistake. so it needs replacing.

only another 30/35 to install now. ordering those on tuesday.

 The warp necells have had thier leds installed and been resealed.



 now that leaves the leds to install into this T section which will light the entire belly and the widnows above the necells. leds to go on both sides.

Next i will be installing the led that will light the deflector dish.

As said, buying the last leds on tuesday, so in the mean time more windows to cut out. Another 23 on the saucer section and about 140 on the belly.


 A Very basic diagram of the led wiring. I havent included the leds for the necells instead just the wires to and from them.

The image below explaines the placement fo the leds as the top of the image. Just ignore the red lines in the below image. They was a preious attempt at a diagram which is now fully drawn in the above image.

The arrows shows the direction each led will face. im considering rotating the top most 2 leds to illuminate the front most windows.


 The lower windows as the ship becomes more slender will be lit by 4 of the leds in the block of 8. The other 4 will light the windows in the belly where it joins to the saucer section.

Roll on tuesday. The leds will be installed from the rear of the ship working forwards so that the polarity  is consistent. There is a small slit in the belly where the stand inserts, this is where the switch will be installed. The resistor will be installed from the possitive terminal then the leds will follow on from that.

There will be 2 wires leading from inside at the center of gravity, these run upwards to a bar with a hoop on. There will be a 9v battery box fitted to the bar and these 2 thin wires will be what the Voyager hangs from and receives its power feed from. They will be picture hanging wire as its thin but very quite strong. Its not to noticable.

The hoop will be so it can be hooked up to hang, shining pretty and proud with the switch on the underside of the belly for easy access.

So i placed the order for the leds, they arrived then realised i placed an order for 10mm leds instead of 5mm. Not all is lost, it made me realise 3mm leds would be better. So i cant do alot of work on the electrical side for a bit longer.

 So instead i decided to give it a coat of primer all over after masking off the clear plastic windows andbegin working on painting it.

The base colour is a mix of 50% grey and 50% light grey and because it covers the whole ship a brush isnt really viable. So im going to use an airbrish kit that uses a can of compressed air. I will get that in a couple of weeks so for now i can begin to paint the detial work that is easy to mask off.

Like these for example, The sensor platforms.

This one is of the sensor platform behind the bridge.



 This is the one at the front of the ship and just leaves the 6 platforms along the side of the saucer section and the 4 on the rest of the ship to paint.



Here we have the sensor arrays on one side of the saucer section of the Voyager.



Well guys n girls, im sorry this hasnt been updated for a while but money was an issue, however! Not all is lost, tonight i ordered the correct LED's, some extra wire, airbrush kit and a can of propellant for the airbrush! Also ordered the remaining paints, pp3 battery clip, pipettes and blue masking tape, so with any bit of luck by the weekend i should be able to make some progress with getting the base colour on the hull, leds wired in and maybe some decals slapped on. We'll see what progress can be made.

on a side note, i have been working on the battery box.

 worst photo ever but its the best i could get for some reason.

 Wooden crate style frame to hold the battery in place.


 Battery box and crate with battery in place. The little bit of blue by the + terminal is the resistor. Just need to solder the PP3 clip into the box and that will be that done.

 Now just a pic of voyager hanging up from the ceiling so you can see how she sits midair.



As you can see although the box doesnt hang level, Voyager does hang in a nice horizontal possition. If i can be bothered of if it bugs me i will sort the battery box out.

 Okay, th white leds arrived today, so i began work on glueing them into the saucer section and started to wire them up. Decided to go with batches of 3 leds in series and then all the batches in parallel.

 the long wires run into the belly of voyager to make wiring up the rear a bit easier.

Here we have the T section.


 I've also decided to test drive the entire system once all the leds are wired in together on the 9v battery. If i feel that they are too dimm i will be remoing the battery and battery crate from the box and installing a female USB head into it instead and putting a male USB head on a multivoltage adaptor and running it from the mains.


NOTE: No thats not borg upgrades under my desk, just green neon tube to add some character to my work space.

But we shall see how that goes once its all wired up.

So i have all but the deflectors LED wired in, just waiting for the blue 5's to arrive, tomorow with any luck. i also threw together a 12v power pack for mains powering Voyager. The pictures below are VOYAGER POWERED FROM THE MAINS. She looks ALOT better in my honest oppinion.







 Now all i need to do is install the Deflector dish LED and install some lesser value resistors so i can being the NeCell brightness up more level with the window lighting.

Im extremely proud that so far its coming along so well, in the dark she looks so bright and clear its truely amazing. Big headed i know but come on that last photo?! excellent haha.


Install Deflector dish LED + resistor

Assemble all components together

Mix base colour and airbrush into hull

Paint detail work

Add Decals

 Then she's all done and ready to be moved to completed builds section. Looks like theres a race on between endeavour longboat and Voyager to see who goes there first.

Latest update.


So there is still a little bit of paint work to be done on the sides for the sensor arrays, a few little decals to be applied around the deflector dish and I need to order the landing struts from america and put on.

But here is how she stands at the moment.




Video with light on.

Video in the dark.

Not 100% happy with the white strobes timing but its pretty close. Also need to up the ampage to it to stop the one led flickering but I've miss placed the right power supply for it. Runs on 12v 1.25amp mains supply.

The power cables will run down through the landing struts with metal contacts on the bottom of them and make contact with 2 more pads on a scenery platform I'm yet to make.

Overall I'm very happy with how it's coming along.

She's 20 inches long.

My next model will be the Round 2 Polar lights 1/350th scale enterprise. This again, will have custom lighting inside assembled by yours truly. The Enterprise will be 34" in length with shuttle bay and a little foresty type area as well as officers lounge. It will certainly be a challenge but looking forward to it.

Your comments - Feel free to comment on the build.