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Moebius Battlestar Galactica

 1/4105 scale new series Galactica from Moebius Models.

Keeping it simple again with this one, some fiber optic window lighting in the gator head, engine lighting, flight pods and the flight pod bays in the main hull.

The power wires will run down the stands pipe, the original stand pole will be replaced with a tube.                                           Click on logo to go to Moebius store

Lighting used

2m 1.5mm heat shrink

3m 2.5mm heat shrink

8x 3mm white led's

4x smd white led's

1x 3mm red led

5m 0.5mm fiber optics

3m 0.25mm fiber optics

Tools needed

0.30mm drill bit

0.55mm drill bit

3.00mm drill bit

hand drill


scalpel with pointed blade

scalpel with chisel blade

small wire cutters

hot melt glue gun and glue

solder iron and solder

small crafts clamps

rubber bands

variable heat source

5 minute epoxy

crocodile clips for soldering

Paints needed

Steel - Testors 4679

Gunship grey - Testors 4572

Insignia red - Testors 4714

Gloss black - Testors 4695

Medium grey - Testors 4746

Dark ghost grey - Testors 4761

Light ghost grey - Testors 4762

 Metalic gold - Testors 4671

Unboxing the model


Dry fit assembly


Installing the gator head fiber optics


Testing the gator head





Installing flight pod SMD's




Testing flight pod SMD's




Testing flight pod bay fiber optics


Testing registry/call-sign fiber optics

 I decided I wanted to light up the registry/call sign name of the ship so I used 0.25mm fiber optics to add the lighting here. The light doesn't shine on the registry itself but should give the desired effect.

Installing and testing engine led's





Dry fitting model with lighting in place

 Engine clear parts painted in Revell aqua clear blue, installed into engine exhaust cans and fitted to model, flight pod bays lit, registry optics in place, engines lit, gator head lit and flight pods lit up.



The electrics installed

Here are a few shots of the insides of the model with the lighting installed. You can see its a little cramped in places but overall its not that bad with room for a little more. You can also see the power board, including the potentiometer used to level out the brightness of the flight pods.



Masking for paint

Here is the Galactica with the electronics masked off ready for paint. I decided to use Tamiya TS-48 Gunship Grey for the base color. Its a spray can so it will hopefully give a good coat.

Painting - Day 1

Finished Model Video.

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