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DeAgostini's HMS Endeaour's Longboat.

Another partwork from DeAgostini.

The hms endeavour long boat is a nice little longboat.

The kit comes with various woods, the hull is double planked and has various types of wood. fully rigged and sailed scale model of endeavours longboat measuring 420mm long, 270 tall and a beam of 90mm scaled to 1/50th this recreation isnt to bad.

you can find the build log below.

on the links page there is a direct link to this kit where you can either subscribe for 3 months and receive the parts over 3 months, or buy it complete.

i would recomend buying complete as for all the ships you subscribe to, apart from the Victory, you will be charged more than it would cost to buy complete. Even though deag claim the postage of the issues are free. They told me the additional cost is for the life at sea magazine but this is not reflected in the additional costs.

When subscribing to this or one of thier other ships they send you an email with a link, username and password for you to log into your account and download the pdf's of the magazines and instructions.

i started this before creating this website so have limited photo's but will post here progress and working from memory what was done.

issue 1/3

okay so the first issue you need to construct the false keel and ribs. lay the deck plates and apply the first layer of planking.

these are the photo's of having done these stages.




Iin issue 2 we recieve alot of parts but all we can really do is sand down this hull and apply the second layer of planking.

install the decking, rubbing strakes, bulwards, keel, stern post, stem, rowlock supports, drill the holes for the bow pins, sand down the entire hull, stain/varnish the hull and add the gunwale covers.

pictures to follow.

Issue 2/3

okay so in issue two you have to apply the second layer of planking. luckily this came out alot nicer than the first layer, i spent a good couple of hours pulling the pins back out becuase i put them right in.

Once the second layer of planking was complete i installed the sternpost, stem and keel.

Next was the decking. I had to cut various sided strips and glue them with a 1mm gap between each one.

At this point we plank the front and rear inside of the boat with 1mmx3mm strips cut to length and tapered at the ends to fit around the curves.

Then add the gunwhale covers. I tried doing the decking with these clamped on, but found it easier without them.

Now we add the bulwarks.

Now the small peices at the bow for the bowpins to sit into. Currently only have one on there. Need to glue the second one on.

Lastsly we add the bowlock supports.

as a final stage we sand the entire hull to get a smooth finish, varnish the gunwhale covers and rubbing strakes, some may find this easier to do BEFORE attaching them.

pictures for this months work.





 more to come next month and more photo's as theres lots to do. And i mean lots.

Issue 3/3

Well a little bit more progress for readers now.

This odd looking thing is the Main mast support.Now assembled its ready for fitting.

 Oar handles and shafts, just need the blades fitting to them and installing.

Bowsprit support fitted.

Oar blades have been fitted along with the mast support. The oars have been dry fitted into thier final resting places.


Next on the list is the bowpins and rowlocks, rudder, 2 buckets, 2 barrels, 5 coils of rope, the boats anchor and anchor rope. Photo's below.


Bowpins and rowlocks installed along with the boats buckets.


A birdseye view of bowpins, rowlocks and buckets.


The first of 5 coils of rope made up and glued in place. You can also see the bucket handles you have to make for the buckets. The wire they supplied was too thick so used some .5mm wire instead.


Here you can see the sterns hawser guides have been glued on now as well.


Boats barrel installed along with 3 more coils of rope. I decided not to paint the barrel.


Rudder mounted with its hinges installed.


The boats anchor


wider view of stern.


Wide view of whats been added, As you can see the last coil of rope has been added and the oars have been glued into place.


A rather dodgy birdseye photo of todays progress, photobucket to thank for the squashed look.


The boats stand. It did come with a name place but I put this on the shelf it will go on instead of on the stand.

 Next on the list are the sails, masts, gaffs, rigging and final detailing.

Well now.

The longboat has been completed, all is rigged, stand assembled on the shelf instead.

Here are the photos.









 The above image is her final resting place. All thats needed now is a perspex display cover.


Your Comments - Feel free to comment on the build.

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