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                       Welcome to SecretReeves modelling site.

 Here you can find build logs of modelling projects from the USS Voyager with lighting to Battlestar Galactica and Iron Man models.

Photos of each build will be posted on the model's specific page.

 In the web store you can find the lighting units I create for my models. Each unit is hand made by me personally and fully tested prior to sending them out. The cost of these cover the cost of materials and a small labor fee.

If you have a model kit you want lit and we do not offer a kit for it on the site, please use the contact us feature to get in touch and discuss your needs. When contacting us about bespoke work, please include the manufacturer, model and scale of the kit you wish to discuss.

 You can view videos related to project development in the "R&D Department" page.

In the mean time, enjoy the completed and underway project logs.

Completed Projects

Revell U.S.S Voyager

 Endeavor Longboat

 Moebius BSG Galactica


  Projects underway

Moebius Iron Man MkVI Armour

Moebius BSG Viper MkII


Light kits in Development

Moebius Original BSG 1/32 Cylon Raider

Moebius 1/4105 BSG Galactica

Moebius 1/4105 BSG Pegasus



1/4105 scale BSG Galactica model COMPLETED!

Today marked the end of the Moebius Models Galactica build with the gator head being clear coated and fixed to the model. The stand has not been done because the model will most likely end up on a custom stand but this has not been decided.

See the build here.


1/4105 scale BSG Galactica model starts!

Started work on the lighting for Moebius Models BSG Galactica model today, the kit it self arrives tomorrow and will begin work on the little beast.


1/32 scale BSG Cylon Raider development begins.

We are pleased to announce the beginning of the research and development into a lighting kit for the up coming Moebius Model's 1/32 scale Original series Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider.

The kit will feature engine lighting, forward lighting, possible cockpit lighting and a small circuit with fiber optics for replicating the appearance of the forward guns firing.



I have a new project starting, Moebius Models 1/8th scale Iron Man MkVI armor. As always, this will be the show case model for lighting kits which are already available in the web store. This is the first installment of 4 models in the range. Eventually I'll be moving onto doing the MkII, MkIII and War Machine models too. However, the lighting kits are already fully functional and the instruction manual is being written for installing the light kit into your model.

Click on the link in the navigation bar to find the build log or click HERE


Web store opens!

Webstore is now open!

Revell U.S.S. Voyager and Iron man 1/8 model lighting kits now available!

 Iron Man kit includes options for MkII, MkIII, MkVI and War Machine.

Completed Project Images/Videos

Revell USS Voyager


Moebius Battlestar Galactica

  Endeavor long boat


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Moebius MkII BSG Viper light kit

Moebius Cylon Raider light kit

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